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BTN: It's a Belgian Christmas at Armsby Abbey

by Keith M » Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:47 am

This was my first visit to Armsby Abbey, who offered a stunning collection (around 22 selections on tap) of Belgian winter seasonals (along with a few other Christmas beers) for their "It's a Belgian Christmas!" event. Crowded and very popular, which was no surprise, as this must be the best bar in Worcester. I went for a flight that started off with the Affligem Noël which smelled wild, bananaesque and yeasty, but tasted more caramel and nutty--subtle, sedated and seductive, the beer changed dramatically as it opened and warmed. The Corsendonk Christmas Ale offered plenty of grip on the mouthfeel--plenty of tight well-formed carbonation--but I never felt that focus on the taste. It was confectionary sweet and malty with a touch of tree sap, but I never found a consistent element of depth to latch on to. But its finish was mighty impressive, so I'd be willing to continue searching. The Winter Koninck smelled of root beer and tasted of root beer barrel candy--much more soft drink class here than anything else. Did not feel in the same class as the others. The Nøgne Ø God Jul from Norway was clearly my favorite of the night--smelled of earth and ginger and tasted thick smooth warm stouty goodness, great grip and outstandingly delicious and fresh. Darkened earth berries with coffee. Yumilicious!

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