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New 1701 Restaurant in London is excellent kosher gourmet

by Adam M » Mon Dec 23, 2013 4:06 pm

After having a mediocre yet expensive dinner at the new Bevis Marks restaurant, which hasn't changed its menu in years, my colleagues and I tried the new 1701 Restaurant in the Bevis Marks synagogue (which was the former location of the Bevis Marks restaurant).

It was a first class gourmet meal. The menu is very interesting and many entrees were given an updated twist based on changes in seasonal fresh ingredients that was orally communicated at the table. I had the lamb appetizer, the duck main course as well as the short ribs main course (hey, I'm a big guy and was starved for lunch :lol: ). I had the fruit soup for dessert and a bite of my colleague's chocolate something-or-other dessert the name of which I can't recall but it was awesome.

The restaurant cared very much for the presentation as well the freshness and quality of the food.

Everything I had was delicious. IMHO on a whole other level than anything currently in Manhattan (I haven't been to Pardes in Brooklyn yet (which is one reason for narrow the scope of my last statement to Manhattan), but I am planning to go this week and I understand that their food is also of a gourmet first rate quality).

And the wine: Hey fellow Americans - how's a Chateau Clark Rose (can't remember the vintage but it was awesome), a 2011 Peraj Haabib and a Har Sinai Ice wine - ALL non-mevushal - sound to go with a gourmet meal? The wine was no-where as cheap as Reuben's, but the Peraj Haabib was 70 pounds which is about $100 which isn't too bad and much better than the mevushal version at Reserve Cut.

The place was fully packed. We were supposed to be kicked out after an hour and a half but after ordering the two bottles (the Peraj Haabib was immediately put in the decanter) they "saw what they could do" and lifted the time deadline.

Kudos to the 1701 crew. I'm looking forward to my next visit there...


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