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Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:01 pm

WTN: Three New Aeris Wines....(short/boring)

by TomHill » Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:31 pm

Tried these three over the last few days:
1. Aeris Carricante EtnaBianco Superiore (12.2%; Imprtd by RhysVnyds/LosGatos) I Vigneri/Ragusa/Sicily 2016: color; very strong floral/gardenias/pear/apple rather mineral/chalky almost R-like bit honeyed lovely fragrant some complex nose; quite tart/tangy/fairly acidic/bit metallic strong floral/gardenias/apple fairly strong mineral/steely/chalky/saline bit lean/austere some complex flavor; very long/lingering fairly tart/tangy quite floral/gardenias/bit pear quite mineral/some chalky/stony bit metallic/saline fairly complex finish; lots of mineral/saline character & plenty of perfumed/floral fruit; much more complex & interesting than previous editions; best Etna Bianco I've had. $59.00
2. Aeris Bianco Carricante CentenialMtnVnyd/Calif (12.0%; RhysVnyd/Ukiah 2017: Med.light color; some earthy/herbal/dusty some fragrant/floral/carnations bit musky some apple/pear slight chalky very attractive nose; fairly tart more rich/lush/Calif fairly strong floral/carnations/apple/pear slight herbal/musky light tangy/mineral/chalky very interesting flavor; very long/lingering some rich/lush strong floral/carnations slight herbal/musky/chalky some saline finish; quite an interest Calif white w/ a great balance of floral fruit and chalky minerality; more simple than the Etna & not as fragrant but a lovely Calif Bianco. $35.00
3. Aeris Bricco Rosso CentennialMtnVnyd/Calif (14.5%; 50% Nebbiolo/20% Nerello Mascalese/10% Carignane/10% Primitivo/10% Barbera) 2017: Med.dark color; beautifully fragrant Nebb/floral/lilacs/violets light tarry/pungent strong plummy/blackberry/licorice slight alcoholic light toasty/pencilly/oak slight Barbera/dried Italian herbs/peppery rather Italianate quite complex nose; lightly tart/tangy/bit acidic very strong plummy/Barbera/dried herbs some Nebb/floral/lilacs bit road tar/pungent some earthy/rustic/very Italianate light toasty/oak quite structured beautiful flavor w/ ample hard/chewey tannins; very long/lingering strong plummy/Barbera/pepper/Italian herbs some Nebb/floral/lilacs/road tar light toasty/oak some rustic/Italianate some complex quite structured finish w/ hard/chewey tannins; very Italianate & non-Calif in character; this is how they would make Nebb in Piemonte & GreenVlly if they had NerelloMascalese; reminds some of Valtelline Sfursat because of the richness & texture; a spectacular expression of Nebb that needs 5-10 yrs; not the sharp/bitey tannins of a pure Nebb but still some of that high-toned floral fragrance. $49.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Aeris is, of course, the foray into Italian varietals by KevinHarvey/Rhys:
CentennialMtnVnyd is Kevin's vnyd planted in the Northern Mtns of SonomaCnty. I'm not sure exactly where it is located up there but the aerial pic shows no other vnyds in that area. Must be way to hell & gone. It appears to be just North of LakeSonoma but to the East of the Rockpile AVA.
Kevin did an extraordinary amount of research on the growing conditions in Italy for these varieties afore launching this CentennialMtn effort. Primarily focused on the growing conditions rather than the soil.
These two whites made a believer out of me for Carricante. I don't have a strong sense of the character of Nerello Mascalese, but I was mightly impressed by the BriccoRosso. The character of the Nebb showed thru loud & clear, and I gather the Nerello contributed some of the more bass notes this wine showed. Terrific first effort from CentennialMtn.
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Thu Mar 23, 2006 11:52 am



Re: WTN: Three New Aeris Wines....(short/boring)

by David M. Bueker » Wed Nov 25, 2020 9:48 am

Thanks for the detailed notes Tom. I am not quite as high on these wines as you are, but am going to follow them for at least a little while. I did enjoy the Rosso over the summer. I did not care for the white Centennial Mtn. wine. Came across as a bit vapid to me.
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