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TN for Weekend of August 25th, 2018

by Pinchas L » Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:58 pm

When I opened the Tzora Shoresh Blanc 2012--a Sauvignon Blanc--I knew not to anticipate an acid driven, high pitched, citrus flavored siren, based on earlier encounters, but I wasn't prepared for the complex interaction between the layers of summer fruit with the effects of the barrel. The fruit notes are of guava, papaya, melon with the barrel acting like a spectrum, diffusing the flavors, bending them into magical forms when viewed through a hazy smoke screen of toast and vanilla.
For a red, I had the Vitkin 2016 Grenache Noir. The wine's light to medium body, makes it very suitable for summer drinking. Its tannins are silky and its fruit is generous, yet elegant. While I try to avoid comparisons when writing about wine, in this case comparing it favorably to a middle of the road Pinot Noir, aids the description rather than detracting from it. This Grenache easily surpasses any Israeli Pinot Noir, and should stand in for any occasion requiring a Pinot Noir.

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